What is "SAP" or Smart Agents Pro ?

The first Real Estate Operating Systems and cloud-based real estate platform that takes you from lead generation to closing; including Alexa Skill.

Our platform covers all your needs from the corporate website, agents websites with full IDX/MLS, lead capturing tools, CRM, contact management, prospecting, transaction management, eSignatures, compliance, disbursement authorizations and much more...

It is insane to have to log one system for Website and CRM, another to create your marketing, another for transaction management, another for eSignatures, and finally one more for commissions!

Created by Real Estate Agents & Property Managers for Real Estate Agents & Property Managers

Featured in Inman.com [read article]

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Main Features

All you need to run your brokerage, branches or personal real estate business under one platform.

  • Brokerage hyperLocal real estate website solution with Full IDX/MLS mapping capabilities, easy to use and alerts for new listings.
  • Generate and manage websites for each agent with Full IDX/MLS.
  • Websites have multiple ways for lead capturing and agent notifications.
  • Agent onboarding, licensing control and recurring billing.
  • Leads from Zillow and Facebook are drop directly to the system as prospects and the agents notify via SMS.
  • Corporate leads are distributed using round-robin lead distribution method (sequencial method optional).
  • Smart CRM for prospects (mass emails, SMS and voicemails) direct SMS chatting with prospects that answer mass SMS.
  • Smart CRM for clients are handled with the Kanban method or boards, allows to drag the file as they move from milestone to milestone.
  • Marketing Automation with drip campaigns via emails, SMS (10x better than emails) and stealth voice broadcasts.
  • Marketing tools including flyer designer (drag and drop) pulling data directly from MLS and Social Media Plug and Play Advertising (one click postings).
  • Facebook Ad Management, easy to publish your MLS listings with FB paid ads.
  • Paperless transaction management with eSignatures (able to share with multiple agents).
  • Workflow or task management and timelines notifications.
  • Scan documents directly into the system (uploading is optional). Each file have their own inbox, so you can email PDF files directly to your file.
  • Document management allows you to split a PDF file, merge and assign to compliance items.
  • Compliance (generate a list of required items based on the type of transaction).
  • Commissions & Disbursement Authorizations.
  • Emails & Calendar integrated with Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Live, Hotmail, Outlook.
  • Alexa Skill allows your buyers to search for properties and capture leads and are send directly to your prospects pipeline (additional service https://www.smartvoiceautomation.com).
  • Cross-browser compatible runs in any PC and Tablets. Not recommended for devices with small screens.
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Powerful Tools

These are some of the main modules.

Our Pricing

Our all in one platform includes all the features with all our plans



  • 1 users
  • Agent Website
  • * MLS integration
  • Smart CRM
  • Transaction Management
  • Compliance & Commissions DA
  • Dashboards & Reporting


  • 10 users
  • Brokerage Website
  • Agent Websites
  • * MLS integration
  • Smart CRM
  • Transaction Management
  • eSignatures
  • Compliance & Commissions DA
  • Dashboards & Reporting


  • 20 users
  • Brokerage Website
  • Agent Websites
  • * MLS integration
  • Smart CRM
  • Transaction Management
  • eSignatures
  • Compliance & Commissions DA
  • Dashboards & Reporting

* MLS data or connection must be provided by agent or broker.

All plans include

  • 2 months free trial
  • No credit card required
  • Instant access
  • Dedicated support staff
  • Help center and tutorials
  • Outbound email support & live chat.
  • Products updates
  • 256-bit secure data encryption
  • Data import / export

The First 2 Months Are Free Trial

We understand there are different business models and needs.

We want to be sure the system fits your business model, we are looking forward to work together to setup the platform to your needs at no extra charge.